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What is Green Beauty?

October 12, 2022

With consumers becoming more eco-conscious, the ‘green’ beauty market has exploded in recent years. But what is green beauty and how can you make sure you’re choosing the right products?

There are three key areas to look at when it comes to identifying a ‘green’ beauty brand - its ingredients, its packaging, and its certifications.


Ethically sourced ingredients

Choosing high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients is the key to forming a ‘green’ skincare ritual. With so many products available on the shelves, and with no regulation for what a company can claim on its label, it can be hard to know which products truly contain natural ingredients.

Keep an eye out for brands that are greenwashing consumers with misleading labels, such as claiming to be made of natural ingredients when they’re not. You can learn more about greenwashing here.

Here at Amaranthine, we’ve carefully selected every ingredient that goes into our products. We use natural, minimally processed ingredients and we truly believe that everything for beautiful skin can be found from nature!

All our ingredients are natural, naturally derived and minimally processed to ensure nutrient rich ingredients of exceptional quality. We source our ingredients with great care from suppliers with the same high ethical standards as us, and always with sustainability in mind.


Environmentally friendly packaging

Industry insights predict that a staggering 120 billion units of packaging is produced every year by the global beauty market - most of which aren’t recyclable. What’s more, forecasts suggest that about 12,000metric tons of plastic waste will be in landfills or the natural environment by2050.

So, what can be done? And why does it matter?

We can all play our part in the fight against plastic pollution by choosing more sustainable alternatives, championing legislative change, and encouraging eco-conscious consumerism.

At Amaranthine, our environmental impact is incredibly important to us. We’re always looking at new ways to make our operations more sustainable - for example our compostable refill packs for our clay face masks and new recyclable aluminium caps for our face oils.

We are continuously working to find alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint and being at the forefront of eco-friendly packaging is something we continue to focus on.

Globally recognised certifications

When choosing skincare products, there are several certifications that you can look out for - to make sure you’re purchasing sustainable and ethical products.

One is the International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark (POFCAP). This trademark became available to UK businesses in 2018 and signifies that all products used are Certified Palm OilFree. At Amaranthine, we’re proud to be the first skincare company in the world to attain this certification.

It can be difficult to know if a product contains palm oil as there are hundreds of cosmetic ingredients derived from palm oil, all with different names. For example, glycerine is found in many cosmetics and is a by-product of the soap making process, and typically comes from either coconut or palm oil. By choosing products from a company with the Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark, you can rest easy knowing it has met stringent certification requirements. You can read more on our commitment to being a palm oil free business here.

Another certification, which is more widely recognised, is the Cruelty Free certification by PETA. After analysing testing processes, companies that are confirmed as cruelty free are included in Peta’s Beauty Without Bunnies program - something Amaranthine is proud to be apart of.

We believe in buy quality, buy less. Good products last the test of time, and skincare is no different. Rather than buying multiple variations of the same beauty products, Amaranthine encourages a simple skincare ritual made up of products that you truly love and use time and time again.


If you’re looking to build a green beauty skincare ritual, explore our range of high-quality products.They’re all packed with ethically sourced, natural ingredients that are palm oil free and cruelty free.

Natural skincare brand Amaranthine's founder, Sarah Rueger.

Sarah Rueger

About the author

Sarah is the founder of certified palm oil free natural skincare brand Amaranthine. She is a qualified organic skincare formulator and has diplomas in Beauty Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy.