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Support small businesses this Christmas: Everything you need to know about Colour Friday

November 14, 2023

As the festive season kicks off, you've probably noticed the Christmas ads flooding our screens and the gift aisles filling up fast. And right around the corner? The big shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday.

Black Friday is expected to still draw in tons of spending—around £12.3 billion, to be exact. But here's the thing: nearly 60% of small businesses in the UK are worried about shutting down in the coming year. That's a pretty sharp contrast, isn't it?

However, there is an alternative to Black Friday - enter Colour Friday!

What is Colour Friday?

Colour Friday is a movement spearheaded by Holly Tucker, the brains behind Not On The High Street. It's all about boycotting Black Friday and instead, showing some love to the creativity and individuality of small UK businesses when buying your Christmas gifts.

Here's a fun fact: If each of us buys just one Christmas gift from an independent business this year, we could collectively redirect a whopping £2.7 billion toward these amazing businesses, the backbone of the UK economy.

Colour Friday is like a breath of fresh air compared to the craziness of Black Friday. It's about more than just snagging a discounted gift—it's about backing someone's dream or supporting a family's livelihood.

How to support Colour Friday

Start by shopping at your favourite independent businesses and opt for unique, quality handmade gifts that stand out from the mass-produced stuff. Instead of buying a few of forgettable presents destined for landfill, go for that one thoughtful, high-quality gift that's made with real care and made to last.

Supporting small businesses isn't just about spending money. You can do little things too like giving shoutouts with positive reviews and engage with their social media posts to help them get noticed.

The truth about Black Friday discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, but here's the truth about a lot of black Friday deals: small businesses don't hike up their prices just to slash them during Black Friday sales. Unlike the big names out there, they keep their prices fair and square throughout the year. This means they can't afford throw out eye-popping discounts like the massive corporations do during Black Friday.

So, while you might not see jaw-dropping discounts, what you're getting is genuine value and fair pricing—no tricks, no inflated costs.

What does Colour Friday mean for Amaranthine?

Thoughts from Amaranthine natural skincare founder, Sarah:

As a small business owner, I am extremely passionate about the Colour Friday campaign. I don’t want to live in a world without independent shops and I’m sure you don’t either.

The entire community of small business owners has seen a staggering decrease in sales this year due to the cost-of-living crisis - or, as I like to call it, the cost-of-living challenge. We are all worried about the future of our businesses.

For Amaranthine, I’ve put my heart and soul into building a business I’m proud of, and with that I’ve grown a lovely community. I am determined not to lose it. The passion for creating beautiful, sustainable skincare products is what keeps Amaranthine going. This passion is what all small businesses are made from, and it shines through in quality.

I call the crisis a challenge because it’s important to stay positive.That’s why I have pledged, along with thousands of other small businesses, to join the Colour Friday campaign and shout from the rooftops about supporting independent companies this Christmas.

I’m so very grateful to Holly Tucker for creating Colour Friday, and for all the positive support that it brings to my indie community. Lets vote with our money and show that we care more about the planet and our fellow human beings than throwaway items and cheap sales!

Will you join us and be a #retailrebel on #ColourFriday?


Holly & Co

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Natural skincare brand Amaranthine's founder, Sarah Rueger.

Sarah Rueger

About the author

Sarah is the founder of certified palm oil free natural skincare brand Amaranthine. She is a qualified organic skincare formulator and has diplomas in Beauty Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy.