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Living Magazine

April 1, 2021

I was over the moon when journalist Natasha Radmehr from Edinburgh Living Magazine contacted me to ask if they could do a feature on Amaranthine's brand story. When I read the finished article I couldn't have been happier - Natasha really captured our story beautifully. Unfortunately there isn't an online version but here are some excerpts from the article:

Cleanse, tone, moisturise. To many young girls, these three words - gleaned from glossy magazines - represent a thrilling degree of sophistication.

Like your first parent-sanctioned sip of wine or trying on a pair of shoes with a seemingly vertiginous four-centimetre heel, you know you've reached a new rung on the ladder to adulthood when you slide your birthday money across the beauty counter in exchange for a fully-fledged skincare regimen.

For most of us it's a rite of passage, but for Sarah Rueger it ignited a lifelong passion.

"I remember going to the chemist when I was 12 to buy the Yardley Oatmeal 3-step routine, which I'd saved my pocket money for," says Sarah, who grew up in Ireland and South Africa but now calls Edinburgh home. "I was mesmerised by it, and ever since then I've loved skincare."

It's often said a gut feeling should never be ignored, the interests that spark joy when we are little are an indication of the path we ought to follow. Though she qualified and worked as a nurse when she left school, Sarah knew it wasn't the right vocation and retrained as a beauty therapist. In 2017, at Sarah's kitchen table, Amaranthine was born.

"So many customers tell me that they feel like they are in a spa, and it even helps them sleep." Though she enjoys all the benefits that come with owning her own business, from doing a job she truly loves to being able to set her own hours, Sarah says the best thing about it is receiving this type of positive feedback. She's built a solid community on social media and is in constant contact with her customers. "I love making that direct connection and being able to help them. I get so many heartfelt messages and reviews, saying things like for the first time in years they feel confident to go out without make-up on," she smiles. "It's really rewarding to know that even though I switched from nursing, I'm still helping people."

Natural skincare brand Amaranthine's founder, Sarah Rueger.

Sarah Rueger

About the author

Sarah is the founder of certified palm oil free natural skincare brand Amaranthine. She is a qualified organic skincare formulator and has diplomas in Beauty Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy.