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Expert Reviews

February 21, 2022

Expert Reviews is a website that performs rigorous testing on thousands of objects. We are thrilled that the journalist has included our Detox Face Mask as the number 1 Best Overall option for “The Best Clay Masks in 2022”.

An excerpt from their review of our Detox Face Mask:

'We washed it off and afterwards our skin was Botox shiny. It was completely dewy and as smooth as you could wish for. For instant aesthetic improvement alone we'd recommend this. It felt like it was working and by golly it looked like it worked, too. Clean, refreshed and bright.'

An excerpt from the article:

'The best clay face masks can leave your face feeling rejuvenated and refreshed without an expensive trip to the local beauty spa. Simple select the right type of clay face mask for your skin type, then lie back and relax while the ingredients work their magic to restore your healthy complexion.'

Read the full review here plus the rest of the article that includes information on the benefits of clay face masks and how to pick the best clay face mask for you.

Our Detox Face Mask is a blend of clays and botanicals that deep clean your skin, drawing out impurities from your pores. Perfect for combination and oily skin, or skin prone to blocked pores and acne, these clays gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling clean, refreshed and glowing.

We’ve combined carefully selected natural ingredients to create a face mask that truly detoxifies the skin - from matcha green tea that helps to balance oily skin and calm redness caused by acne, to chamomile for its naturally antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Our Detox Face Mask is packaged in powder form to maintain a good shelf life without the need for preservatives.The ingredients are activated when mixed with a small amount of water, which means every time you mix up a mask it is fresh and active.

Natural skincare brand Amaranthine's founder, Sarah Rueger.

Sarah Rueger

About the author

Sarah is the founder of certified palm oil free natural skincare brand Amaranthine. She is a qualified organic skincare formulator and has diplomas in Beauty Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy.